MAA Free Float Keymod Handguard – 15″ Length – Black

Free floating fixed handguard with proprietary barrel nut and adapter. Installing this handguard on your existing rifle will allow for consistent shot to shot placement with no external barrel pressure. Made with the popular “keymod” attaching pattern, you can attach all of your accessories without pressure on the barrel.

Designed to be ergonomic, lightweight, and versatile, this handguard will provide a great complement to any AR-15 rifle. Weighing just over 12 ounces, it is strong enough to handle anything you need it to do without adversely affecting your performance. 

The handguard ships with a 5-slot picatinny rail that can be attached to the top for a front sight or other accessory. 

The 15″ handguard is designed for optimal control of your rifle during rapid shooting. You will be able to install accessories and still reach down the length of the gun for the best performance. It will fit any 16″ or longer barrel.

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