Rapid Take Down Handguards

Looking for an efficient way to pack your favorite rifle for that long trip or family outing to the range? Take a look at the Mid America Armament Rapid Take Down (RTD) kit. With a driving need for a more compact platform for storage and transport along with ease of cleaning, MAA went to work. With countless hours of design and testing, MAA proudly introduced this kit to turn your rifle into a compact platform. No need for special tools, proprietary barrels, or heavy conversion kits, just decide on the handguard length and attachment style. The RTD Kit uses your existing barrel and gas tube to convert a bulky and long rifle into a compact and discreet package.
The RTD Kit is available in various formats to meet the need of your application. It is available with one of two accessory systems: the secure Keymod or Magpul’s popular M-Lok system. It comes in 4 different lengths:

7.5” – great for your pistol or SBR
10” – for an ultralight gun
12.5” – great for a carbine with a front sight
15” – add tactical accessories, competition use

Our new system includes the features of our round handguard, with a number of added benefits. It ships from us in the Rapid Take Down configuration, but also allows you to use it as a fixed free-float handguard using the included hardware.

6061 extruded aluminum
Type III, class 2 black hard-coat anodize
Integrated full-length top picatinny rail
Anti-rotation upper receiver locating ears
KeyMod or MLok accessory rail system
Locking lever uses our anti-rotation lock block
MAA proprietary steel barrel nut 
Fixed system includes our flush mount locking block
1.5″ OD, 1.3” ID


Not only is the RTD kit great for storage, transportation, and deployment, it also provides an easy way to change calibers and use various barrel lengths. Add a conversion kit, and a simple barrel change will allow you to switch between .223/.300 Blackout and 7.62×39/6.5 Grendel.

Frequently Asked Questions
How do you torque the barrel nut?

Military specification for the barrel nut calls for torque of 30-80 ft. lbs. The reason for this broad range is to allow the nut to be timed for the gas tube to pass through the barrel nut and align to the upper receiver. The design of our barrel nut does not require this timing, making the upper ranges of torque unnecessary. By torquing the barrel nut using the handguard’s clamping ability, we are able to achieve the 30 ft. lbs. required by military specifications. We also supply a spanner wrench allowing the user to apply greater torque for fixed applications.

What are the benefits of the Rapid Take Down system?
The RTD allows you to easily convert your rifle into a small package that will fit into a backpack, messenger bag, etc.—any bag that is long enough to contain the barrel and gas tube can transport your firearm! It is inconspicuous and easy to transport. It is also very easy to deploy; people with very limited experience can take the rifle from the bag to ready to fire in under 30 seconds. It is also great for storage; removal of the barrel renders the rifle incapable of firing. And to detail clean inside the chamber, there is no easier method than to be able to remove the barrel. 
This system also allows quick caliber conversion with only another barrel. .223 and .300 blackout use the same bolt and magazine, so a quick barrel change gives you two calibers in one rifle. 


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