Installing your Rapid Take Down Handguard
  1. Unload the rifle and remove the bolt carrier group from the upper receiver.
  2. Remove the current handguard from your rifle. Unscrew the barrel nut and remove the barrel. Remove the muzzle device, gas block, gas tube, and barrel nut.
  3. Install the included barrel nut onto your barrel followed by a low profile gas block with gas tube.
  4. Install the barrel by aligning the gas tube with the upper receiver. The barrel extension should be seated snugly against the upper receiver with the alignment pin fitting into the notch on the upper.
  5. Tighten the barrel nut to the standard 30-80 ft lbs. If you are not able to tighten by hand, use the supplied spanner wrench.
  6. Install the handguard onto the barrel assembly. Seat the handguard with the alignment tabs around the upper receiver and the top rail flush with the top of the upper receiver.
  7. Completely close the take down lever to provide the necessary tension on the barrel nut.
WARNING: never allow the bolt to drop unassisted without the barrel securely attached to the upper receiver. If you do, you will damage your changing handle!
Installing your Free Float Fixed Handguard
  1. Using a 1/8” allen wrench, remove the bolt, lever, and anti-rotation block from the bottom of the handguard.
  2. Follow 1-6 above.
  3. Using a 1/8” allen wrench, install the included flush-mount locking block with the shorter bolt. Tighten to 28 inch lbs. minimum. We recommend using thread locker to prevent loosening.
  4. Install the included 1/2” long set screw in the bottom of the handguard with a 3/32” allen wrench. Tighten. This screw will provide positive pressure on the barrel nut to prevent the handguard from moving forward. We recommend using thread locker on this set screw.


Video instructions:

Note: The video was filmed using our first generation handguard, but also applies to the new model. The exception is the additional information regarding the Fixed handguard installation, as outlined above.